A brief introduction

It is no little known fact that Ballistic Logistics has gone through a re-organization in the recent months.

But, much like the phoenix we have arisen from the ashes and have no plans of closing up shop any time soon.

Looking back

Over the last six months our group has experienced a fracture that left several of our members looking for new homes,

and many wondering just what happened. In summary several council members retired and in doing a vacuum was left

that we have been hard pressed to fill.

Blazing new ground

Moving forward from this we have restructured our game adoption process, striped out a lot of un-necessary overhead and

appointed our final remaining council member, Nemesis, as our Commander & Chief. Assisting Nemesis are our

appointed command staff members; StRaven and AfailingHORSE.

We are now emerge a more open gaming community with less top-end weight on the command level. We hope this will

provide a harbor for the community to grow.

A final note

Feed back is always welcome as are suggestions. Our command staff keeps an open door policy. And, we thank you for your

patience in this trying time. See you in space!



-Chetta Cheeze