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Ballistic Logistics Group Charter



Ballistic Logistics is a multi-game, multi-platform community of friends building around the principles of family, fun and cooperation.  Over time, the games change but our mission is to foster an online gaming community of committed, mature, veteran gamers.  We are dedicated to a team oriented, fun-loving gaming environment where every member realizes their full potential.  Each member contributes to the whole community experience, not simply as another player participating, but rather as a valued member who impacts the community of Ballistic Logistics.  Our goal is to develop long term friendships and enhance the collective gaming experience of our membership regardless of the games currently being played.




  • Have FUN and try not to take yourself or the game too seriously. Remember this is a virtual world; getting killed many times, although frustrating; is not the end of life. So, take it in stride.
  • Be an active member of the group by helping other people with quests or by giving instruction, advice and help with complex quest lines. Contribute items and money (in-game currency) to the group bank for the benefit of others.  Not everyone has the same level of skill.
  • Don't fight, troll, or act like a fool in General Chat.  As a member of Ballistic Logistics you are not only representing yourself but the group as a whole.  Take the high road and don't respond to provocation.
  • No stealing from the group(or piracy in general). This includes everything from in game items/banks all the way to personal, physical, and digital property.
  • Respect others and be respected in the forums, on teamspeak, and on external venues.
  • Keep foul language to a minimum as there are people of all ages in our group. 
  • We are an equal opportunity gaming group, all are welcome!
  • We expect everyone to get along and not use Ballistic Logistics resources for advancing individual opinions, political views or ideologies.
  • New members must post in the New Member Introduction thread within 1 week of account creation or your account will be subject to deletion.


All of our Command Staff have an open door policy.  Feel free to discuss issues with any of them at any time.  If you need to discuss any specific issues and they are not online you can also send a PM on the website.

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